September 08, 2012

I'm still here! Really, I am. I have written many blog posts in my head, but not a one of them has made it into the digital world. The combination of no internet at home and a 4-month old baby makes for zero blogging. Actually, I think that even if I had internet at home there would still only be one blog a month -- I'm not a very fast one handed typist. :)

At the moment, I'm at my boss' house, spending the night, because tomorrow morning Eden and I are heading with him and his family to spend a week at the beach!!! I'm so excited. Joe may or may not join us depending on how he feels midweek when his school work is done. He's been fighting what we assume is a case of Lyme's disease for almost a month now and is feeling pretty run down and fatigued. He's just started a 30-day round of treatments laid out for him by a naturopathic doctor. (The standard doctor he went to dismissed his concerns entirely after his blood test came back negative for Lyme's.) I'm really hoping he feels better soon.

Anyways, I have tons of photos to share, all on my personal computer back home, so so much for that.

Eden is growing and learning every day. I love seeing her discover the world! She's now an expert bubble blower and spitter (I never knew you could carry on whole conversations with bubbles and fart noises, but we do!!), makes lots of coos and word-like noises, grabs things and attempts to put them in her mouth, almost rolls over onto her side, and laughs!!! The laughing is brand new and we've only gotten one or two precious glimpses of it yet. It's my favorite development so far. I actually have caught it on video, so maybe you'll see it eventually.

Speaking of video, here's a link to Joe's most recent video montage of Eden.

"Happiest Girl"

My biggest accomplishment of late (besides growing a Cabbage Patch Kid, as Joe calls it, to make me feel better about my horribly weedy, bug infested, non productive garden) is that I managed to mow 1/4 of our lawn, only the 2nd time it's been mowed in more than a month.

Well, Eden has now been asleep for two hours, which means I better get to sleep as well or I'll be in that groggy position of only having slept for an hour or so when she wakes up for her midnight snack!