December 29, 2012

Bath time!

The past few posts, and this as well, have been written and posted from my iPhone. Whereas the mobile version of this blog does not have my nice green background and peaceful mountain photo header, the rest of the formatting looks fine. However, I noticed on a real computer that the photos I'm posting are getting chopped off. FYI, you can click on the photo to see a larger, uncropped version.

As for posting from my phone, I can add photos easily but don't know if or how it's possible to position them where I want them in the text. Anyway, these photos are of the newest setup for giving Eden a bath. We had been using a large, round dishpan but it takes two people - one to keep her from falling out and one to bathe her. This setup worked quite well, especially since Joe wasn't around to help this time. The Bumbo seat did his job of holding her upright, and she had extra room for playing in the water. I did have to rearrange some furniture to make room, but all in all a success. As you can see, Eden approved and even offered her assistance with the set up.

December 17, 2012

Picture 1: And...ABRACADABRA!!! There will be ice cream in this bowl!
Picture 2: Haha! Had you fooled!

December 13, 2012

Learning curve

So, I'm learning that there is an app for everything. After struggling to write my previous post and thinking "there has to be an easier way!"..there is. This post is a test of the Blogger app I downloaded. Apparently I can upload pictures which I take via my phone's camera, so I'm going to add a puny photo of my Christmas decorations as a trial run.

Eden has had a rough day. She's dealing with a runny, stuffy nose and teething. We have been blessed with such an " easy" baby that I feel completely lost when she has inconsolable crying fits. When she is upset, she doesn't want to snuggle; she just wants it fixed. Unfortunately I don't always know how to do that. Thankfully, she is sleeping good tonight. We are headed to Va Bch in the morning and were thinking we might have to delay our trip a bit if she had another rough night. Speaking of which, I should be going to bed myself. I haven't gotten that part worked out yet. I always stay up later than I should to take advantage of "me" time.

December 12, 2012

First blog ever written AND posted from MY home.

This is a test of the backwoods blogging system. I'm typing this out with my thumbs (which I'm happy to find I'm pretty fast at) on my new iPhone while lying in bed listening to Eden struggle to breathe through her stuffed up nose. I'm so thrilled with having Internet connection  at our place!! I was hoping I could hook this phone and my computer together so I could do the typing work the fast, ten-fingered way and then just use the phone to do the uploading. I apparently have to have my head in the iCloud to do that though. I'm not complaining, though; this is great.

Well, I look forward to catching up a bit soon, but at the moment I should be focusing on sleep. Eden is experiencing her first real runny, stuffy nose today and it has made nursing and sleeping difficult. Given my lifelong allergies and stuffy sinuses, I long long ago gave up on using my nose for oxygen acquisition, but Eden is still a believer.

Okay, one last addition to the test. Can I post a picture?

Um...never mind.