February 16, 2010

We are still living a computer-less life, despite our best efforts. The Virginia Tech computer doctors gave it quick round of computer defibrillation (sp?) and pronounced it good to go, for $50. However, once we got it home, it froze up the first time we tried to shut it down and now it won't start again. :( Hmmm...

Meanwhile, I've been getting my electronic fixes by playing with my new digital camera! It has all sorts of interesting features, like Smile mode and "Did someone just blink?" mode, but I'm mostly excited about the 7x zoom and increased low-light sensitivity. Anyway...here's another snow picture, this time of Floyd County's signature peak, Buffalo Mountain. Buffalo Mt. is the only known location in the whole world for a specific type of mealybug, but my zoom lens, while being pretty great, is not great enough to pick up mealybugs at this distance.

February 07, 2010

A Eulogy

After only six months in our care, our computer is in critical condition. We bought it used and apparently got it on the last leg of the hard drive's life. We are looking into repair options, but it may be a few weeks (hopefully not too much longer!) before it is reincarnated as a working machine. In the meantime, we will continue to shovel little mazes throughout our snowy world and try to be patient. During this period of recovery, activity on this blog will likely be limited and uninteresting.