July 22, 2012

Eden's First Trauma - Three Stooges Style

Well, besides the process of being born, and there wasn't anything Three Stooges-esque about that! Earlier this week, Eden and I attempted our first major road trip. We - along with my mother, sister, niece, nephew and sister-in-law - went to Atlanta to visit my grandparents. I was very nervous about the long car ride, but it went much better than I had expected. Many thanks to Mariah (sister-in-law) for the expert driving both ways, allowing me to sit in the back and "entertain" Eden during her many awake periods. The six hour trip only took 8-9 hours with stops for nursing and carseat freedom.

The journey, however, was not the traumatic part. My grandparents have two sunrooms, both of which are equipped with rockers/gliders that make perfect nursing locations. I was relocating to one of the sunrooms for a quiet spot to nurse Eden when I walked us both headlong into a sliding glass door. There was that split second when we were both so shocked all was dead silent, but then came the cries. I had been holding Eden in front of me and her poor little head took the brunt of the impact, smashed between the door and my body. Eden doesn't cry much at all, and when she does it is mostly the "I'm tired" type of cry. This is the first time I'd heard her really cry out of pain. She sobbed heartbreakingly half of the time she was nursing, but in the end she gave me a big grin, so I knew I was forgiven. Luckily, no lumps, bumps or bruises were sustained.

I lost my camera just before heading out on this epic journey, so no pictures at the moment. We found the camera this morning, though, after pulling the mattress away from the wall, so here's a little grin for ya.

July 08, 2012

Catch up

Boy, it has been ages since I have been able to post anything on here. Eden is of course my main excuse. I'm getting good at doing things with one hand (and finding creative ways to get my feet involved as well), but typing is not one of those things. Add to that the fact that my internet connection is a good 1/4 mile hike away, in the blistering heat of summer, and it just isn't an ideal blogging scenario. I've written numerous posts in my head, if that counts for anything.

Here's the past two months in a quick summary:

Eden - growing like a weed (already doubled her birth weight!), more beautiful and fun every day
The garden - hanging in there but NOT growing like a weed (except for the weeds growing in it of course)
Wilson - 8 weeks gone but not forgotten
Poultry - Added five new young hens to the flock, slowly integrating them in with the existing birds. We've already had three separate batches of baby guineas hatched, and disappeared. It's sad there were no survivors this go round, but nice to not have to be constantly watching our backs for assaults from protective guinea moms!
Joe - Has taken care of practically every everyday life detail for the past two months. Eden and I would be lost without him. She and I are headed to my parents' for a few days, though, so he can buckle down on his 30-page paper that is due in three days.

Here are some pictures that will say the thousand words I don't have time to write. :)
Post nursing bliss

Daddy's reading is hypnotizing

Stripey little monkey!

Good dreams!